SUP Yoga - Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

 SUP Yoga is a playful and challenging way to experience your aqua-Librium and

concentration abilities on the boards in the crystal clear turquoise lagoons of Corsica.


SUP Yoga benefits:

- strengthens the core, thighs and shoulders

- enhances the equilibrium

- sharpens the awareness

- develops concentration

- leads to spontaneous meditation

- fills the heart with beauty and joy


Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Workshop

 with Pressiana and Mistral Surf School

every Friday 07:00-9:00

(depending on weather and waves)

Costs € 40,-


Workshop includes:

 - complete SUP equipment

 - SUP instruction by the experts of Mistral Surf School

 - Yoga instruction by Pressiana


Preregistration with Pressiana or Mistral Surf School is required.

This workshop is suitable for all levels. No Yoga or SUP experience is necessary!


Tips for the SUP Yoga Class!

- drink a lot of water before going on the boards! Hydrate!

- Wear a swimsuit or sports tank and shorts

- Wear sunscreen

- Hats and sunglasses may fall off on the water

- Be ready to have fun and get wet

- You must know how to swim!


See you on and in the water!

Dare the plunge!