Sun Salutation Special         

 A profound introduction to one of the most important practices in Yoga.

 Learning about the physical, mental and emotional aspects and effects of this ancient sequence. We start before sunrise with a special walking meditation in silence to the lighthouse. Waiting for the sun to rise  at the light house we will practice special energizing pranayama/breathing to recharge and vitalize our system. The time at sunrise is best and strongest for these practices.

When the sun rises from the horizon we’ll learn about the different levels of the sun salutation. We’ll have a look on the physical, energy-chakra, emotional, psychological level. The Sun Salutation is an extremely powerful and wholistic practice, if you know and understand the deeper meaning of it.




  • works out each and every muscle in the body
  • moves every joint
  • stimulates all chakras
  • balances the left and right hemisphere
  • energizes
  • rejuvinates