Contemplative Photography & Yoga 5 day Retreat

Working as a professional photographer and yoga teacher fort he last 15years, and diving deep into both elements, I was amazed by discovering the similarities between the two. Regarding yoga as the underlying universal working principles that govern any aspect and action of life, it is a questions of awareness to see those patterns in photography.

You can discover the yogic principles in anything: music, dance, art, cooking, cleaning, building houses....

Photography is a very very simple and common activity through which you can broaden your awareness, sharpen your intuition tap into the moment and thus into eternety. The constant visualization and previsualisation used in photography enables the higher yogic practices based on visualisation.

Practised with the right awareness photography becomes an easy playful tool helping you to unlock your creative potential. Having any camera, photography today turns to a real treasure in your hands. If you know how to utilise it properly, not only the technical side of it but also the subtle, energetic  and meditative process that leads to the picture, you will expand your consciousness.

In this course we’ll have a look and experiment with the creative process that takes place when taking the picture. The communication, the „coincidence“, the location, the mood of the moment, the energy of time, the interaction, being passive and being active.

This is not a course on technical photography and equipment.

It is a course on expanding the awareness through photography and yoga.



Retreat content:


*one yoga class a day  (1.5 hours)
covering asana, pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra, chakra yoga


Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro,
the yoga classes are designed to leave you with the tools necessary to enrich and deepen your practice.



* one photography class daily (2 hours +)


The photography course is designed to reveal the meditative aspects of the photographic process leading to the picture.

Tap the creative porcess using portrait, still life, landscape and intuitional photography.

We’ll focus on the process and awareness leading to the picture. This is not a course on equipment! You must have  the knowledge how your camera works basically.

Any digital camera would do!


Daily schedule:

11.00-12.30 Yoga class
19.00-21.00 Photography class

scheduel is due to modification, depending on wather conditions!

Bring your camera, creativity and enjoy contemplative photography in the beautiful surrounds of Corsica Island. Suitable for anyone either new to photography or already established and looking to broaden their lens…..


Costs: 290,- Euro (Yoga & Photography classes)

ACCOMODATION ARRANGEMENTS have to be done separately on your own.
According to your budged there are different possibilities, from romantic camping to budged or luxury bungalows.
The facilities in Chiappa include beautiful naturist beaches, outdoor pool &, sauna, gym, tennis courts, volleyball ground, table tennis, walking trails, horse ranch, diving school, surf and catamaran school, 2 restaurants, massage and many more…
Book soon because usually in July and August the bungalows are booked out!
Of course, you can stay outside the resort and just come and join the classes.