Ayurvedic Wellnes Treatments


is the oldest science known to man for health, healing, prevention and longevity.
The name ´Ayurveda´ comprises of two Sanskrit words that is,                                         
Ayur´ - ´life´, and ´Veda´ - science, so ´THE SCIENCE ABOUT LIFE´.

Ayurveda is seen as the mother of all the healing systems. It is a system of medicine, that consequentially looks at a person in his complexity, and as a unique individual that is influenced by inner and outer effects. The aim of Ayurveda is harmon health, which is our original nature.


The Ayurvedic medicine is based primarily on special medicated oils for curing and prevention which are used for external oleation therapy, or Abhyanga. This is the process by which the body of a person is anointed gently with oil. The ayurvedic oils have the quality of very deep absorption of the skin.
They penetrate into tissues, organs, bones and joints, nourishing and making them stronger and flexible. Toxins and waste products are removed.


Treatmensts/ Abhyangas


(face treatment)

Special herbal oil or paste is applied with gentle rhythm over the face and neck. Treating the face is important because the functioning of all sense organs like eyes, nose, ears is improved!


•  relaxes the face by reducing stress and stiffness
•  prevents sagging of the skin and makes the skin firm
•  removes facial toxins
•  improves the eyesight and functioning of the sense organs
•  nourishes and improves the skin complexion
•  keeps the face healthy and     glowing


1     treatment           € 35,- / 30min
5     treatments         € 150,-


(head & shoulders treatment)

The head neck and shoulders are important energy centers in the body. Stress, anger, anxi­ety, emotions accumulate easily in these parts and cause tension.

The Ayurvedic treatment of head and shoulders works with special medicated natural oils which  are applied with a firm and gentle rhythm, help­ing removing blockages on a physical and emotional level.


•  relaxes the body and mind
•  cures headache, baldness
•  prevents hair fall
•  produces sound & deep sleep
•  improves blood circulation
•  removes toxins
•  relieves stiffness and tension in the head
•  removes blockages


1    treatment           € 35,- / 30min
5    treatments         € 150,-



Traditional Kalari Marma Abhyanga

(whole body oleation)

According to ayurvedic texts there are 107Mara­ma centers or seats of “prana” ( life energy).The Marma is considered to be an anatomical point of concentrated vital energy, which if injured can lead to diseases and imbalances in health.

This treatment protects the body from any injury to the Marma points, it “seals” them, and also improves the health of muscles and joints. Warm ayurvedic oil is anointed firm and gently all over the body.


•     stimulates the production of antibodies
•     regulates the hormones
•     drains away metabolic waste
•     increases body tone and  flexibility
•     relaxes tired muscles and brings them fresh blood
•     combats many of the most common problems of aging
•     protects and revitalizes the Marmas
•     energizes and refreshes the body and mind
•     improves the functioning of the immune system
•     develops mental peace and clarity


1      treatment           € 65,- / 60min
5      treatments         € 325,- + 1 treatment free