Introduced by my Mother to OM as the essence of existence and left alone after, I was kicked out onto the path seeking and discovering truth.

Yoga came to me as a major key opening the doors to more aspects of that universal truth. I believe there are many ways, or probably all ways lead sooner or later to truth. Yoga just seems to be the most compatible one for me .The insights and experiences I could gain through Yoga I treasure as the most precious jewels in my life. I am happy to open and share my heart shaped treasure box with the little precious stones.

Every year I spent several months in India deepening my yogic understanding and practise, learning and teaching Yoga and Reiki.
My destiny brought me to some quality teachers who formed my understanding about Yoga as a lifestyle.

I am deeply grateful for all experiences and knowledge that was revealed to me and I am glad to share it. This I do on Corsica Island since 2001. It is a magical place to merge with nature - outer and inner....

For me Yoga is a tool to become a better person and is a perfect support to do the best out of this life time. It is not about the practise, it is about the effect! But to have the effect you have to practise! So, you are most welcome to join and give Yoga a chance to bring more quality into your life!

Places where I studied
introduction to life and OM 1. Yoga Vidya Gurukul in
Trimbakeshwar-Yoga University :
Diploma in Advanced Yogic Studies
the official base Diploma in Yoga Therapy
Reiki Master Studies Diploma in Pre & Post Natal Yoga
Diploma in Yoga Psychology
Sri Lanka:

Reiki Grand Master Studies

Nilambe Mediatation Center:  2. Bihar School of Yoga:
Vipassana Meditation Studies Tattwa Shuddhi Studies
Saundarya Lahari Studies
Karma Sannyas Initiation
Suan Mokkh Monastery: Kriya Yoga Studies
Vipassana Meditation Studies Chakra Shuddhi Studies
Thai massage Studies  Prana Vidya Studies
the paradise where I teach 3. Ayurveda College in Kannur
Yoga and Reiki since 2001 Certification as Ayurveda
Reiki Master Studies -and Panchakarma Therapist
4. Auroville and Goa Watsu centers
Liquide flow basic
Liquide flow I
5. Puna:
Iyengar Yoga